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by Smoke Alarm

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songs: Smoke Alarm
lyrics: Ahto
mixed: Juuso Vuorinen
master: Sami Teitto
artwork, logo; Petri Viippola [Visual Disturbance/Merry Inksters]


released August 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Smoke Alarm Tampere, Finland

Ahto - V
Tuma - D
Jeekki - G
Maukka - B

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Track Name: Friday Night
Gotta get through half past this day,
sleep past noon or suffer awake.
Last night i don't recall a thing,
I can't imagine what this night brings.

Its Friday night!
Some of us won't see the night.
Its friday night!

Scanning the scene, on the top floor.
Sweating away all the left over dirt.
This certain pattern seems to stay,
its Friday night you know how we play.

Stay up late if you can stand,
hole in your head makes you understand.
No more coins left in the pockets,
swollen veins in your both eye sockets.
Track Name: Judgement Day
Dusty old books from another past,
how long do you think this circus lasts?
Urgent need to update your mind,
time's running out for the human kind.

Ancient rituals that make no sense,
forget your gods and we'll need no fence.
Half of the world feeling way too tense,
Against old world, full offence.

Waiting for the judgement day to call.
Going like this we'll surely fall.
Waiting for the judgement day to call.
Its only matter of time 'till we all fall.

Your views of this world, are not updated.
Track Name: Choke on Your Blood
Think you're doing something great,
small minded full of hate.
Causing harm and misery,
racist motives running deep.

Choke on your blood.
Choke on your blood and you know.
The blood on your hands not your own.

Stupidity is not a crime,
but it should be then we'd be fine.
No more assholes throwing bombs,
keep on choking on your own blood.
Track Name: Human Error
World in ruins and all is fucked, toxic waste and other stuff.
Bits and pieces of the fallen, no more rest for the forgotten.

No more time it wont be fine - Nuclear bomb is so unkind.

Cities filled with dead and dust, world war III was such a bust.
All came down to human error, proceed to the lair of terror.